Simple Product Sales to Help You Repay Your Loan

Making extra money today has become a lot easier with the help of the Internet. Your profits can now be used for savings, and you can even buy something worthwhile. If you have a loan, it’s important to use your profits towards monthly repayment. While having a job can help you settle the loan as soon as possible, it’s beneficial to sell some products on the side. But what types of product can you sell? With thousands of ideas on the market, it may be difficult to start.


Here are some products that you can sell:



Packed Food and Snacks


Food will still remain as the most tangible product with continuous demand. If you are skilled in cooking, you can make packed meals and sell them in offices, stalls, or even right at your front yard. Nowadays, there are tons of recipes that you can learn, giving you diverse choices to make. At first, you can try selling one packed meal at a time. Once you’re being recognized, you can secure profitable partnerships. Eventually, you can pay off your loan and enjoy continuous profits.




Articles are now considered as digital products which can be bought by entrepreneurs, content curators, publications, and companies. If you have a talent for writing interesting and juicy content, then you should submit your products in the market. There are hundreds of platforms that will possibly accept your article. Keep in mind that the article market is competitive, so you need to have a convincing portfolio. Also, most clients will publish your articles under their names, so you need to bear with that.


Collectible Cards and Figures


The collectible market will always thrive, as long as there are collectors. You can start this business by selling any trading cards or collectible figures found in your attic or basement. Some of these items can be sold for more than $100 per piece, depending on special value and market factors. Remember to keep a vigilant eye on the market. Be patient in analyzing market trends and cycles before selling your collectibles.


Ebook PLRs


The PLR business has encountered ups and downs in the past years. Yet, one thing is imminent: this business is here to stay. If you have stock content, you can mash them into different eBooks and sell them in the PLR market. Just bear in mind that profits for each eBook is low. Volume is the game here. The more eBooks you can make, the greater your profit will be.


Once you’ve chosen a method from the ones mentioned, start creating your plan. Pro tip: get a stable job while working on your sales idea. This way, you have a fallback if ever the profits come in too slow.